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Museo Civico (Civic Museum)
Via Ricci , n. 10 (near the Piazza Grande) tel. +39 0578 717300
Housed in the gothic palazzo "Neri Orselli", the museum has a significant collection of paintings of the Sienese and Florentine schools from the 13th to the 18th century. Of great importance are the glazed ceramics of Andrea and Luca della Robbia. The archaeological section displays finds from four tombs discovered near Acquaviva about 1879.
Closed on Mondays
Cantiere Internazionale d' Arte
(International arts festival of music, dance and theatre)
From 20 - 25 July to 3 - 8 August
Bruscello (Folk musical theatre)
Piazza Grande
From 11 to 16 August
Bravio delle botti
(historical procession; barrel race between the "contrade" or guilds)
The last week of August


Teatro Povero ("Poor Theatre" - theatrical play in the piazza)
The last week of July and the first weeks of August


Museo Diocesano (Diocesan Museum)
Corso Il Rossellino, 30
tel. +39 0578 749905
Closed on Tuesdays.
The museum was inaugurated in 1998 and is housed on the top floor of the Palazzo Borgia. It was created from the nucleus of the old Cathedral Museum, to which have been added various works collected throughout the Diocese.
Museo Palazzo Piccolomini (Palazzo Piccolomini Museum)
Piazza Pio II tel. +39 0578 748503
Closed Mondays
The impressive palazzo Piccolomini, designed by Bernardo Rossellino, houses furnishings from the 15th to the 18th centuries, paintings, sculptures and Flemish tapestries.
Antico Romitorio (The Old Hermitage)
Visiting the old Hermitage of Pienza is one of the most interesting and unique experiences one can have outside the usual tourist itineraries of the region; a secret door into the world of Etruscan and Roman history, a place where one is immersed in a remote, mythic and unsettling atmosphere. The Hermitage is a five-minute walk from Pienza.
It's possible to arrange a visit to the Hermitage and the historic tuff quarry next to it (Cava Barbieri), Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays from 15:00 to 17:00, by phoning: 0578 748083 or 339 664 0060 - Carlo and Isabella


Museo Civico Archeologico (Civic Museum of Archaeology)
Via Roma, 24 tel. +39 0578 269261
Houses finds from the Bronze Age to the late Roman epoch, with particular emphasis on Etruscan tombs (9th - 1st centuries BC).


Museo archeologico delle Acque (Archaeological Museum of the Waters)
Viale Dante, 80 tel. +39 0578 30471
Closed Mondays
The museum is divided into three sections: the first is dedicated to the world of the dead with a reconstruction of a 7th century BC Etruscan Prince's tomb; the second presents the farming life and the reconstruction of a 2nd century BC winery; the third offers a panoramic of the Roman thermal baths.


Museo Archeologico Nazionale (National Archaeological Museum)
Via Porsenna, 93 tel. +39 0578 20177
Subject to reservation, it's possible to visit the "Tomba della Scimmia" (Monkey Tomb) (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday: at 11:00 and 16:00)
The museum houses precious finds that illustrate the art and culture of Chiusi from the Bronze Age to the Lombard Era.
Museo della Cattedrale (Cathedral Museum)
Piazza Duomo, 7 Tel. +39 0578 226490
The museum was instituted in 1932 to display the 15th Century Benedictine codex from Mont Oliveto Maggiore. It was expanded in 1992 to include finds from the catacombs of Saints Catherine and Mustiola. Every 30 minutes there is a guided tour of the Labyrinth of Porsenna.
At 11:00 there is a guided tour of the catacombs.


Museo Civico per la preistoria del Monte Cetona (Monte Cetona Civic Museum of Prehistory)
Via Roma, 37 tel. +39 0578 237632 The museum is housed in the Palazzo Minutelli and documents the most ancient human settlements on Monte Cetona, from the Paleolithic to the Bronze Age. It is closely tied to the Belverde Natural Archaeological Park, where one can visit the first prehistoric settlements in the area.
Parco archeologico naturalistico del Monte Cetona (Monte Cetona Archaeological Nature Park)
Grotte di Belverde (Belverde Caves), Strada della Montagna, Monte Cetona.
Tours subject to reservation (minimum of 10 persons).
Tel. +39 0578 23763

Podere Lamberto
I migliori (Agriturismo/ Fattoria) Montepulciano

Azienda Agricola Agriturismo Podere Lamberto Via dei Poggiardelli,16
53045 Montepulciano (Siena Toscana)
Tel. 0578 64601 - Fax. 0578 654687 - Cell. 338 8593160
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