The total area of our vineyards is about 2 hectares divided into two distinct plots: the older vineyard which we call l’orso (the bear) and a brand new vineyard constructed in 2023, which we call libellula (the dragonfly). At an altitude of about 550 m. above sea level, our farm is at a slightly higher altitude than other Vino Nobile making farms. We generally harvest Merlot at the end of Sep or very early in October while the Sangiovese harvest takes place up to two weeks thereafter. All grapes are grown organically and, combined with the stringent standards we follow in the wine cellar, it means that our wine is graded as BIO.

L’Orso is located in a south-east facing position, with an average slope on a markedly tuffaceous soil which we keep grassed. It is characterized by a density of 4400 vines per hectare (the total number of vines being ±5800), planted in close rows (2.50 m wide rows). The vines are cultivated with a spurred cordon about 0.80m apart, with the aim to move to a guyot in the next couple of years. The ampelographic base consists mainly of various Sangiovese clones, flanked by Colorino and Merlot. Pruning throughout the vineyard is based on the principle of limiting quantity in favor of quality.

La Libellula (our newest vineyard) extends on the east side of the farm, on an average slope which is characterized by regular ventilation at all temperature ranges. Particularly useful in the morning when the sun and the breeze eliminates excess humidity on leaves and bunches. This helps to protect the grapes from mold and rot. The planting layout is also 2.50m wide rows with vines being 0.80m apart, which means that here we have a total of ±2500. The aim here is to also apply the guyot method wherever possible. The ampelographic base of the vineyard is made up completely of Sangiovese grapes. As with l’orso vineyard our goal is to limit the yield per hectare below the maximum allowed by the production